How To Reset Traction Control Light? Causes And How To Fix

We all get the traction control light blinking at some point. If you are not familiar with the traction control light, it is an onboard diagnostic system that helps you prevent wheel spin. This onboard system monitors many things. We will tell you how to reset the traction control light and how to turn off the traction control sensor.

What Is Traction Control?

Traction control is a system that prevents wheel spin, which is when one or more tires lose traction with the ground and start to spin uncontrollably.

When one or more wheels begin to spin, the engine’s traction control system instantly reduces power. This permits the wheels to recover traction and stop spinning by reducing the amount of power being transmitted to them.

The main purpose of traction control is to keep your vehicle on the road during hard acceleration, braking, or cornering maneuvers.

What Does Traction Control Do?

Traction control is a system in an automobile that helps to ensure that all four wheels maintain traction. There are several occasions when this is beneficial, such as driving on slick roads or ascending steep hills.

Traction control works by monitoring the speed of each wheel and adjusting engine power and hard braking to keep each wheel spinning at its maximum rate. If one wheel begins to spin too much, the system will apply more power to that wheel to slow it down so that all four move at the same speed. In extreme cases, the traction control can even apply the brakes if necessary.

Traction control is usually found in new vehicles as part of an anti-skid system (ASR). The ASR is designed to prevent skidding by applying the brakes when one of the wheels starts losing traction on a slippery surface. Traction control works separately from this system and can be used by itself or together with ASR depending on how your vehicle is equipped.

Common Reasons The Traction Control Light Might Illuminate

Indicators indicating the traction control system has been engaged are illuminated by the traction control light lighting. The traction control system reduces wheel spin without activating the ABS system. If you are driving in slippery conditions or if your vehicle has poor handling, it may be necessary to turn off the traction control system.

Faulty Wheel Speed Sensors

The defective wheel speed sensor monitors the rotation of each wheel and sends a signal to the computer. If there is an issue with this sensor, it will illuminate your traction control lights and disable your traction control system. If this occurs, you should get a new one as soon as possible.

ABS System Malfunctioning

The ABS control module system is a safety feature that’s designed to prevent the wheels from locking up during braking. If your vehicle’s anti-lock braking system is malfunctioning, the ABS indicator lights will turn on. This could be due to bad sensors or faulty wiring.

TCS Needs Reprogramming

TCS System is meant to assist you to keep control of your vehicle in slick weather. If the TCS light illuminates, it means that there’s an issue with the traction control system and it needs reprogramming.

Bad Road Conditions

If your car is experiencing bad road conditions, like snow or ice, it can cause your TCS light to illuminate.This is due to the fact that the TCS is designed to keep users from slipping and sliding on slick floors. However, if you’re driving on a dry road surface with no adverse weather conditions present, then this isn’t likely the cause of your TCS light illuminating.

Bad Steering Rack

A bad steering rack can cause the traction control light to illuminate. This is because a bad steering rack will not allow the vehicle to shift into gear when you are driving, which may cause you to lose control of your vehicle. If this happens, you should have your vehicle checked immediately by a certified professional mechanic who can check for any problems with the vehicle’s transmission and steering performance.

Faulty Anti-Lock Brake System

If your anti-lock brakes are faulty or not working properly, then this could also cause your traction control light to illuminate on your dash. Your anti-lock braking system is susceptible to a variety of malfunctions (ABS). You may have low brake fluid or a faulty sensor inside of your ABS unit that needs to be replaced before you can drive gently and safely again.

Car Programming Issues

If the traction stability control system was recently reprogrammed by a mechanic or dealer, problems may occur with the system after the service is completed. Computers need time to adjust to new settings, so if you’ve recently had this done, check back in with them after a few days or weeks to make sure everything is working correctly.

Computer Issues

If your traction control light illuminates, have your vehicle scanned by a qualified technician who can determine if there is any computer failure with your vehicle’s electrical system. Some computers simply need resetting while others may require replacement altogether.

Blown Fuse

A blown fuse can cause your car to run poorly and this will also cause your traction control light to illuminate. Some fuses are more prone to blowing than others so you should check them regularly and replace them as soon as they go out.

Low Battery Voltage

Traction control lights may also be illuminated by a low battery voltage. If your battery is not working properly or if it is old, then it may not be able to send enough electricity through your vehicle so that everything runs smoothly.

Why Is The Traction Control Light Coming On?

The Traction Control system is intended to assist drivers in maintaining control of their vehicles on wet or icy roads. Because these are safety measures, they should never be turned off.

There are several reasons why the traction control light may come on:

  • You’re driving through a deep puddle of water or deep mud and the water splashed up onto your tires, causing them to spin faster than normal. This can cause the traction control module to come on.
  • When driving over ice, snow, or mud, the road surface becomes very slick.
  • You’re driving in extremely hilly terrain with steep grades and sharp turns.
  • The Traction Control system has detected one or more drive wheels spinning faster than others.

If you see the TC light come on while driving, try easing up on the accelerator pedal and avoid sudden acceleration or braking until the light turns off again. If it stays on or comes back on again, try accelerating gently through a deep puddle of water or mud instead of trying to go around it at speed (where possible).

How To Reset Traction Control Light?

If you have experienced such a situation, then you should not panic and take control of the situation. Here are some steps that you can follow to fix this problem:

  1. First of all, turn off your engine and make sure that there are no other cars around you.
  2. Now press the brake pedal down completely to completely stop the car from moving forward or backward.
  3. Turn off your lights, wipers, and blower motor by pressing their respective buttons on your dashboard panel (if possible). If there is no button for any of these components, then simply turn them off using their respective switches located near the driver’s seat or elsewhere inside your car (like in the case of wiper blades).
  4. Switch off any electrical devices which may be causing trouble in many vehicles like radio, navigation systems or even mobile phones, etc…

How To Turn Off The Traction Control Light?

Drive Your Car For A Few Minutes

The first step that you should take when you see this light on your dashboard is to drive your car for a few minutes. The reason for this is that most of the time, the light will go off after a few minutes by itself. If the light does not go off after driving your car for a while, then you will have to follow some other steps as well.

Turn The Traction Control System Off

To complete the process of turning off the traction control light, you must also deactivate the traction control system. This will be on your dashboard and can be easily turned off by pressing a button.

Make Sure That All The Tires Have The Same Type And Same Size

The tires on your car should all be the same kind. If you have different types of tires, such as summer and winter tires, they don’t work well together. This can cause problems with your traction control system and may even cause an accident. Make sure that all of your tires are the same type so that they have the same grip on the road.

Do Not Drive Too Fast

Driving too fast can cause problems with your traction control system as well because it causes more wear on certain parts of your car or truck than others. If you are going over 45 miles per hour, you should try not to do so because it will cause more wear on your tire treads and could possibly lead to damage if they aren’t replaced soon enough after a long drive at high speeds.

Do A System Scan

After you have read the message and have turned off the traction control, you need to perform a system scan. In only fifteen minutes, you may have your automobile back on the road and ready to go. The system scan will automatically fix any issues with your car’s functioning if they are discovered. If there are no problems detected, then the traction control light will turn off automatically after some time.


Is It Ok To Keep Driving If The Traction Control Light Won’t Turn Off?

There’s no need to panic if the traction control light doesn’t go out. If it’s a mistake, it’ll go away on its own, most of the time. You should still take your car to a mechanic if this doesn’t work.

Traction control is designed to help prevent wheel spin when you accelerate or drive over slippery surfaces like ice and snow. If this system detects wheel slip, it automatically applies the brakes to individual wheels in order to reduce slippage or limit wheel spin.

The traction control light can come on for a number of reasons, but the most common one is simply because there isn’t enough power coming from the battery to operate all of the electrical systems on your car at once. When this happens, the traction control system may not be able to function properly and may cause an error code to appear on your dashboard.

Why Won’t My Traction Control Light Go Off?

The traction control light is a useful tool that helps you drive safely in adverse conditions. However, if you are driving on dry pavement and the light stays on, there may be an underlying problem with your vehicle’s traction control system.

If your vehicle has a stuck brake light, check for fluid leaks under the hood first. If there are no leaks, have the system checked by a certified mechanic as soon as possible because this could indicate a serious problem with your vehicle’s braking system.

If your brake lights come on when you step on the gas pedal but do not go off when you release it, this may indicate an issue with one of your engine’s sensors or wiring harnesses. A trained mechanic can diagnose these issues and make necessary repairs so that your car will start up again without any problems.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Traction Control Light?

The average cost to fix a traction control light is between $50 and $100. A traction control light can mean several things, including a low transmission fluid level or a faulty transmission solenoid. These are relatively easy problems to repair, but they can be expensive if they aren’t diagnosed correctly.

Can I Drive My Car With The Traction Control Light On?

You may use the traction control system to keep your automobile under control in challenging driving situations.’ The Traction Control light may come on if the traction control system has been activated. Even if the Traction Control light is on, you can still drive. But if it remains on or comes on intermittently while driving for a lengthy period of time, servicing may be necessary in this situation. If this occurs to you, call a licensed mechanic right away.

Final Thoughts

We are providing a solution to this issue. It is our belief that the light will not always be on but it will come on whenever it wants and without warning.  We hope this tutorial on “how to reset traction control light” has been helpful. If you reset your light, you will always know what the current condition of your system is at that specific time as well as a history of your system’s activity.

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