12 Best Hand Cleaner For Mechanics: 2022 Reviews & Top Picks

Any person who works with mechanical components on a daily basis will have dirt, oil, and cement all over their hands. It’s difficult to pull off this look. It’s not always a good idea to run your hands under the faucet with a normal hand wash.

Your skin will be affected in the long run if you begin to use cleaners that are too harsh. These products not only clean your skin but also leave it smooth and hydrated, therefore we’ve put up a list of the best hand cleaner for mechanics. Let’s check it out.

Advantages Of Using Mechanic Hand Cleaners

Easy To Use

Hand cleaners are easy to use because they come in liquid form which can be poured into a sink or sprayed on the hands. Some hand cleansers are also available in foam or gel form, making application simpler.

Removes Grease And Grime Quickly

Hand cleaners remove grease and grime quickly from your hands so that you don’t have to spend much time scrubbing hard on them with soap and water. You’ll save time and energy that you might be putting to better use elsewhere.

It Is Multi-purpose

Hand cleaners work best for removing grease, grime, and dirt from other parts of the body too such as underarms, behind ears, between toes, and more! In certain cases, they can even be used on dogs!

Safe And Gentle On The Hands

The hands are an important part of our body because they allow us to touch other people and objects without causing damage or injury. Hand cleaners keep your hands safe from germs and bacteria by removing dirt from them after contact with objects like pens or money.

Keeps Your Hands Clean And Presentable

Hand cleaners help keep your hands clean so that people will not notice when you shake theirs or when they shake yours! This is important if you work in customer service or if you have customers who visit your home frequently.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Hand cleaners are made from natural ingredients, such as water and soap. Because of this, they are more environmentally friendly and less damaging than conventional cleaning products. They don’t contain any chemicals that can damage the environment or harm animals. They’re also biodegradable so they break down naturally when they’re disposed of in landfills at the end of their useful life. Some hand cleaners contain alcohol too, which helps kill germs on your hands while you wash them off with soap and water.

Types Of Mechanic Hand Cleaners

Hand Soap

Hand soaps are typically used by mechanics before they begin working on their cars or trucks. The best types are sold in small bottles or cans, which makes them easy to carry around in your toolbox or truck bed. Hand soaps usually contain disinfectants that kill germs and bacteria as you wash your hands with them, especially if they contain alcohol in their ingredients list. Some brands even have antibacterial properties that help eliminate any organisms on your skin surface before they can cause any problems down the road.

Hand Wiper 

Hand wipers are another option for mechanics who need to disinfect their hands between jobs. Hand wipers have a chemical agent that kills germs and then dries quickly to prevent cross-contamination. Mechanics can use these to quickly clean their hands in between jobs instead of waiting for soap and water to dry completely before working on another car or truck.

Top 12 Best Hand Cleaner For Mechanics Reviews


Best hand cleaners for auto mechanics


In the world of cleaning supplies, Gojo is a well-known brand. For a low price and outstanding performance, their natural orange pumice mechanic hand cleaner is an excellent choice. In spite of its unappealing orange citrus scent, Gojo is a comforting beverage.

It is available in either a 14-ounce or a 1-gallon container. Purchasing in bulk will save you money. Fine granular scrubbing particles included in the grease-cutting mix assist remove stubborn grease and cleaning completely while also aiding in exfoliating.

This product does not include any hazardous chemicals or petroleum-based substances. High levels of hydrating substances are used to avoid skin irritation. Pumice particles might dry out your hands if you use them too often.

Rozalex, Zalpon Zorange Extra Hand Cleaner

Best automotive hand cleaner

Rozalex, Zalpon Zorange Extra Hand Cleaner

In this test, Zalpon Zorange wins for the fourth time in a row since none of its competitors has been able to improve upon it. Our mechanic’s hand cleaner was left feeling fresh and clean after using this product, and the huge pump dispenser made it a breeze to use. Even though it seems like it’s really scrubbing your hands, the grainy pumice abrasive in this scrub effortlessly removes even the most deeply embedded grime. Still, it’s the one to beat here, and it’s well-deserving.

Tub O’ Scrub TS64 Heavy Duty Pumice-Free Hand Cleaner

Best Biodegradable Option

Tub O' Scrub TS64 Heavy Duty Pumice-Free Hand Cleaner

Even after you’ve finished changing the oil in your automobile, do you find yourself cleaning your hands and finding that the oil remains on them? The Tub O scrub hand cleaner is your best bet. Your hands will smell and feel fresh after using the hand cleanser that contains Aloe Vera, Lanolin, and Vitamin E. Because it doesn’t include petroleum distillates, the cleaner is also safe for the environment and won’t irritate your skin or your septic system.

The Tub O Scrub is a multi-purpose hand cleaner that works well on stubborn messes like paint, tar, ink, and glue. In addition to vehicle mechanics, other specialists such as painters, contractors, gardeners, and so on may make use of it as well.

Just massage your hands for a few minutes if you’re not using water. The cleanser not only cleans deeply, but it also moisturizes your hands. Don’t overlook this benefit.

Permatex 25051 Fast Orange Hand Cleaner Wipe

Best lotion-based hand degreaser brands

Permatex 25051 Fast Orange Hand Cleaner Wipe

You may find yourself in a situation where there is not enough water to do mechanical operations. In response to this, Permatex has developed the 25051 Fast Orange hand cleaning wiper. Without wasting any water, it can remove oil and filth from your hands. In addition to this, it is effective in removing ink, paint, sealants, and adhesives. Due to its biodegradable nature, the Fast Orange wiper poses no threat to the environment.

Furthermore, the wipers are pumice-free to prevent hand scratches caused by minute rock particles in pumice. The product does not include any harmful substances. There is a 99.9% germ-killing antibacterial system in place as a result of this. As a smaller version that fits easily in your pocket, it’s perfect for while you’re working outside.

Grip Clean | Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner for Auto Mechanics

Best soap for mechanics

Grip Clean | Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner for Auto Mechanics

Lotion-based hand soap for persons with sensitive skin is Grip Clean Heavy Duty Hand Soap. I truly love the coconut oil’s hydrating and nourishing properties on my skin, thank you.

Contains pumice and bentonite clay, which absorb oil, grease, and ink from your hands quickly and thoroughly, including beneath the fingernails. In addition, lime oil is added to the mix, enhancing the product’s oil-cutting capabilities while also adding a nice aroma.

Grip Clean’s soap is available in either 8oz or 64oz containers, depending on your preference. The 64oz jug is bulky and requires a separate pump, so it’s best left at the store. However, the 8oz tube can still do roughly 30 hand washes if you’re on the road.

When handling it with greasy hands, the container material seems like a grease magnet. Choosing a bigger container of lotion-based hand cleaning with a handle is always an option if you need a larger bottle of lotion-based hand cleaning (it only takes a little more space in the truck).

Without sacrificing strength or efficacy, though, it’s an excellent contender for a biodegradable and skin-friendly mechanics hand cleaning.

Wonder Scrub Hand Cleaner Industrial Strength

Best Scrubber Soap

Wonder Scrub Hand Cleaner Industrial Strength

With its powerful degreasing solution, Wonder Scrub hand cleaners are an excellent choice. A non-toxic, yet powerful cleaning solution may now be used in a wide range of applications outside of the garage.

There are no problems with it adhering to things like dirt or asphalt or ink or carbon or glue or adhesives. Pumice, on the other hand, is far more harsh on the skin than this product’s walnut shell scrubbers.

Industrial-grade Wonder Scrub Hand Cleaner is available in a 13.5-ounce or a 1-gallon container. To be fair, despite the high concentration of chemical ingredients, it’s mild in aroma yet easy on the skin when applied.

Permatex 25619 Fast Orange Xtreme Ultra Chery

Best body wash for mechanics

Permatex 25619 Fast Orange Xtreme Ultra Chery

It’s one of Permatex’s most powerful products, Fast Orange Xtreme Ultra Chery. Instead of the normal citrus fragrance of other hand cleansers, it has a cherry scent. Ingredients such as lanolin, aloe vera, and glycerin help to keep the skin soft and supple after use. MicroGel technology distributes pumice all over your hands in addition to the other components. As a result, it may thoroughly remove oil from your hands and leave a moisturizing layer that maintains your hands soft and supple. Although it comes in a gallon size, you won’t be able to take this item with you on the go.

GOJO Fast Towels

Best Wet Shop Towels

GOJO Fast Towels

It is possible that certain mechanics are more mobile than others, which means that water may not always be readily available to them. When it comes to those “waterless” soaps that leave your hands sticky and odd after usage, I’m sure you’re just like me. To our good fortune, Gojo’s Fast Towels are on hand to help out!

When it comes to cleaning, the Gojo Fast Towels are like multi-purpose baby wipes for adults—think of them as disposable sand-textured towels that have been pre-moistened (and for your hands lol). Because they’re so versatile, I’ll add that they can also be used to clean filthy equipment and surfaces as well.

Because the recipe is VOC-compliant and has been proven safe and nontoxic by government regulators, they are just as gentle on your skin as traditional baby wipes. In addition to Gojo’s signature citrus aroma and a little amount of skin moisturizer, this formula also helps to keep skin from becoming dry or itchy.

Packaging for Gojo Fast Towels comes in four different sheet counts: 25, 60, 80, and 130. It doesn’t matter which one you choose since they’re all affordable and light enough to tote along. However, bear in mind that if you don’t keep an eye on the lid, the towels will dry up. A little duct tape can fix this.

Gojo’s Fast Towels are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a water-free hand cleaning that’s simple to use and effective.

Extreme Green Power Hand Scrub

Extreme Green Power Hand Scrub

It’s an understatement to say this is the best solvent-based hand cleanser on the market. The base is made of detergent and pumice, an age-old mixture. It includes a total of three scrubbing agents.

Skin-moisturizing ingredients that aren’t only make up the majority of Extreme Green Power. Scrubbing causes dryness, therefore this helps to make up for it. It has a pH of 7 that prevents wounds and bruises (if any) from becoming infected. Also, it has a pleasant aroma of lemon.

Concentrated Magic 900181 Original Version Walnut Based Hand Cleaner

Best hand cleaner degreasers

Concentrated Magic 900181 Original Version Walnut Based Hand Cleaner

All-natural Concentrated Magic is an excellent hand cleaner that eliminates even the most stubborn greasy residues from your hands. The hand cleaner is a wonderful environmentally safe product since it does not include any hazardous components or distillates.

Superior skin conditioners keep your hands from drying out or cracking. The Concentrated Magic, weighing 13.53 ounces, is applied to your hands and spread evenly over your palms before a tiny amount of water is added. Rinse thoroughly with running water after a few minutes.

The best news is that you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning your hands when using this hand cleanser. Because of this, you can be confident that your job is being done with hygienic hands at all times. Keep in mind that the best mechanics’ hand wipes may be found in this hand cleaner. It is important to keep in mind that the wipes are mostly used before or after you apply the hand cleanser.

3M Paint Buster Hand Cleaner

Best heavy-duty hand cleaner

3M Paint Buster Hand Cleaner

Your hands will be free of harsh automotive paint, fillers, and sealants with the Paint Buster. This stain remover was created with heavy-duty stains in mind. Bentonite clay, lanolin, quartz crystals, and stearic acid make up this very efficient formula. As a result, it’s a nontoxic cream-like hand cleanser that won’t irritate your skin. The solution can clean even the tiniest crevices thanks to the quartz particles. The lack of a moisturizing component necessitates the purchase of an additional hand lotion.

Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner

Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner For Mechanics

Grease, filth, paint, pine sap, mud, and another crud may all be removed with the waterless hand cleanser Goop. The cleaner is not only safe for mechanics to use, but it can also be used around the house because of the high-quality, non-toxic, and biodegradable chemicals it contains. As a result, even the hardest stains on clothing may be safely removed, even dirt from children’s hands.

Can you imagine how easy it would be to remove stains from your work clothing, shirts, and even your children’s sports gear? Goop Hand Cleaner, on the other hand, makes it conceivable. You may also use it to clean paint brushes, which not only removes the paint but also moisturizes the brushes so they last longer.

Your hands will feel silky soft and smooth after using the hand cleanser since it contains natural moisturizers and humectants. It doesn’t matter how many stains you have on your hands or clothing, having Goop on hand will be quite helpful.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Mechanics Hand Cleaner


Factors To Consider Before Buying Mechanics Hand Cleaner

The first thing that you should look at when considering the best soap for mechanics is its ingredients. The main ingredient of most products is soap. However, there are also some models that rely on strong chemicals such as lye or bleach to clean your hands. Soap-based products are preferred because they don’t contain any harsh chemicals and can be used safely by anyone without fear of irritation or damage to the skin.


Mechanics hand cleaners come in different scents such as lavender and mint. Choose the one that you like best because it will help you feel fresh all day long even after working hard in hot weather conditions or getting dirty while doing manual labor at home or at the workplace. Moisturizers are now being included in several cleaning products, leaving your skin feeling silky and soft after each use.


The cost of the product is the next consideration. When it comes to purchasing a mechanic’s hand cleaner, only do so if you can afford it. Without this precaution, you run the risk of spending more than you intended.


You also need to consider how convenient it is going to be when using the mechanic’s hand cleaner that you have chosen. For example, if it involves too many steps or requires too much effort then it will not be worth purchasing at all as this will make things quite difficult for you in the long run and this could even lead to problems down the line such as accidents or even injuries which can be very costly indeed so always keep this in mind whenever looking for a mechanic’s hand cleaner!

Scrubbing Potential

The scrubbing potential of a hand cleaner is important because you need something that can remove oil and grease from your skin and nails. The best way to test this is by using the product on your hands and seeing how well it cleans up.


You also want to consider an application. This means how easy it is for you to apply the product onto your hands, especially if you have oily or dirty fingers. Some products come with an applicator bottle or sponge that makes applying them easier for most people, while others do not have any applicator at all and require you to use your hands directly on the container.


Portability is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a mechanics’ hand cleaner. There are some products that are more portable than others since they come in a small size. If you travel a lot, then you need to buy a portable product that will not take up much space.


Another factor is whether it moisturizes your hands or not. You want something that will keep your hands moist after using it so that they do not get dry again immediately after use. The best hand cleaner for mechanics should be able to moisturize your hands so that they stay soft and smooth even after use.


Can I Wash My Hands With Soap?

Soap is an alkaline material, which means that it dries out your skin and removes moisture from your hands. The worst thing about itchy skin is when it’s caused by dryness. Washing your hands with soap dries them out, so it’s critical to moisturize them afterward.

For Hands, What Do Mechanics Use To Wash?

Mechanics often clean their hands using hand cleansers. It’s a lotion-based soap that removes stubborn oil and filth from the hands. Additionally, mechanics use a combination of sugar and liquid soap, rubbed together, and then washed with water to clean their hands.

Underneath The Fingernails, How Can You Get Rid Of The Greasy Residue?

Fingernail oils and grease are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Running your hands over the surface with a heavy-duty cleaner may not be enough if the gap is so small. Get a scrub brush to help the hand cleaner get to the dirt beneath your nails so that you may clean them.


Mechanics’ hand cleaners might be a lifesaver for folks who deal with automobiles and other mechanical devices. Dirty hands are a common problem for those who operate with heavy equipment. In addition, it has negative health consequences.

In an environment like this, take care of your skin and avoid using solvent-based products. Keeping your hands clean is essential for a healthy lifestyle and may help avoid a variety of skin diseases.

Check over the buyer’s guide for the best hand cleaner for mechanics you’ve already chosen, and make sure you’re using one that has the qualities you’re looking for. That’s what we’re hoping to do with this information.

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