12 Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound Of 2022 You Can Buy

You may be contemplating purchasing an exhaust tip for your vehicle because you want to improve the aesthetic of the tailpipe without having to purchase and install a new one.

The appropriate exhaust tip may improve the sound of your vehicle while it is operating. However, there are several exhaust tips available on the market, making it difficult to choose the best one for your vehicle.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best exhaust tips for deep sound, and resonant sound.

Top 12 Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound

1. Flowmaster 15363 3.5″X 12″X 3″Ss Exhaust Tip Strt Roll

Flowmaster 15363 3.5"X 12"X 3"Ss Exhaust Tip Strt Roll

Flowmaster is a performance technology firm located in California that was founded in 1983 to address the rapidly rising issue of car noise at Californian racing circuits. With their worldwide expansion and development of new exhaust products, such as high-performance racing mufflers, headers, and a wide range of exhaust accessories, they’ve raised the bar for the industry as a whole. Our attention is drawn to the model 15363 exhaust tip, which is one of their exhaust accessories.

In order to ensure longevity, this exhaust tip is constructed of corrosion-resistant polished stainless steel and chromium (hexavalent compounds). An elegant exhaust tip with a 3″ inner diameter and a 3.5″ outer diameter has been designed. Make sure your car’s exhaust system is compatible with it before purchasing it. The 3″ tip of the nozzle was imprinted with the Flowmaster logo.

This is a best exhaust tip choice for deep sound that can be set up perfectly in just a few minutes. The exhaust tip of the Flowmaster 15363 is 12″ in length. Your car’s engine roar will have a richer tone thanks to the angled-cut design. It’s also available by the piece. Clamp-on attachment makes this exhaust tip simple to connect to your vehicle. However, a thief may easily take it from you if you leave it unattended. Theft may be prevented by welding it in place. When heated, the exhaust tip’s chromed sections give off a yellowish hue that fades over time.

2. Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip

Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip

In the United States, Borla is a leading maker of high-performance exhaust systems and tips that give thrills and a distinct sound. Stainless steel high-performance exhausts were their initial foray, and they were the first to research and create them. Rolls-Royce and Ferrari Concours vintage exhaust systems were among the first products the firm produced in 1987 when it was created. Truckers and automobile owners alike use their exhaust systems nowadays.

Model 20248, a 13-inch exhaust tip, is one of their finest creations. T-304 austenitic stainless steel is used in the construction of this exhaust tip, which has precise welds and a distinctive design. 2.25″ inlet and 4″ round exit are the dimensions of the inlet and outflow respectively.

In order to use the Borla 20248 exhaust tip, you must weld it onto the pipe. To reduce the noise, it has a resonant tip that doesn’t make any obnoxious popping noises. Please double-check that the inner diameter (2.25″) of the exhaust tip is compatible with the “outer diameter” of the exhaust tubing from the vehicle for which you are purchasing it.

The Borla logo is imprinted on the top of the end of the tip. In addition, there are no stickers or markings on it. This exhaust tip for deep sound is ideal for those who want to personalize their car while also reducing the noise it makes. In addition, Borla’s million-mile guarantee is included.

3. GM # 22799815 Exhaust Tip

GM # 22799815 Exhaust Tip

I like this exhaust since it has a polished stainless steel exhaust tip that precisely matches your existing exhaust system. A corrosion-resistant exhaust tip extends the lifespan of your exhaust system, as well.

I’m also a fan of the loudest exhaust tips. Getting started is a snap. Since there is no cutting or modification to the current exhaust system, I like that the exhaust tip is bolted directly onto that.

I thought it was particularly striking because of the slanted exhaust tip, which had the GMC emblem. The kit includes installation gear that lowers the need for a professional to install the product.

If you’re concerned about its weight, it’s a heavy-duty and long-lasting alternative that may make your car seem better. As a result of its many positive attributes, I highly regard and suggest this Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound.

4. DC Sports EX-1012B Performance Bolt-On Resonated Muffler Slant Tip

DC Sports EX-1012B Performance Bolt-On Resonated Muffler Slant Tip

The DC Sports EX-1012B is surprisingly powerful for such a compact and affordable device. At idling, you won’t hear much of a difference, but when you put on the throttle, this resonant exhaust tip produces a louder exhaust noise. Exhaust sound is deeper and more abrasive because of it. There is still a noticeable difference in sound, even if it is not as extreme as installing a new exhaust system.

The slanted design and flat black finish give it a sporty and aggressive appearance that makes it a real head-turner. If flat black isn’t your style, this exhaust tip is also available in silver if you like that look.

The DC Sports EX-1012B exhaust tip is composed of 100% T304 stainless steel and manually TIG welded. It is also very robust.

5. AUTOSAVER88 1.5-2.5 Inch Exhaust Tip

Both a 4-inch and a 3-inch AUTOSAVER88 inlet black exhaust tip are offered with this black exhaust tip. We used the 3-inch inlet for our test. Both of the exhaust tips are 9 to 10 inches long, which is a pretty tiny size.

You may want to search elsewhere for an exhaust tip if your tailpipe has an intake diameter of more than 3 inches. As a result, it should suit any car with an exhaust pipe diameter of between 2 and 2.5 inches.

It has a striking appearance thanks to the black-coated finish. Installation is similarly straightforward, however, we recommend lubricating it with oil in case you find any resistance. Installing it is a breeze thanks to the included clamps.

6. RBP RBP-35455R Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound

RBP RBP-35455R Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound

The RBP-303725 exhaust tip is our top pick because of its good looks and reasonable price.

To withstand very high temperatures, the tip body is built entirely of strong stainless steel and covered in a black textured coating with heat-resistant qualities.

To give your truck diesel or automobile a strong image, it features an angled-cut tip.

I love the sound of this resonator exhaust tip because of its throaty growl and deep tone. Once it’s installed correctly, you won’t hear a thing.

There is no welding required to install this RBP exhaust tip. The total length is 12 inches, with an inlet diameter of 4 inches and an output diameter of 5 inches.

On the vehicle’s louder tips, a black coating texture with a matte finish provides a more aggressive appearance.

7. MBRP T5124BLK Black Finish

MBRP T5124BLK Black Finish

One of MBRP’s top-selling exhaust tips has been designed specifically for the deep-sounding car. They are renowned for their pens and pieces, so this product is worth looking at.

High-quality stainless steel makes this pick-up tip ideal for all models. This tip is easy to install and has excellent corrosion and rust resistance.

When it comes to finding the greatest low-pitched exhaust tip for your diesel vehicle, this is it. The gloss black finish on the exhaust tip provides your automobile with a refined appearance.

The addition of an embossed emblem further enhances the exhaust tip’s elegance. Due to its high-quality stainless steel construction, the sound-enhancing exhaust tip will survive for many years.

8. MagnaFlow 4in Round Center/Center Performance Muffler Exhaust 10416

MagnaFlow 4in Round Center/Center Performance Muffler Exhaust 10416

These are the MagnaFlow 10416 center/center performance muffler exhaust’s key features: quality, power, and sound. To ensure long-term durability, this exhaust tip is made of stainless steel. Your vehicle’s exterior will look better thanks to its silky finish. Lap joints and carbon wire welding make each item susceptible to corrosion at the first sign of moisture.

Center-to-center performance muffler exhaust from MagnaFlow measures 14 inches long. It has a 2.5″ inlet/outlet diameter. The straight-through perforated core produces a rich throaty sound from this exhaust muffler. There may be some construction and welding required to fit the exhaust systems of various vehicles with this muffler. Since this is the case, MagnaFlow suggests hiring an expert.

MagnaFlow offers a limited lifetime guarantee on this exhaust muffler. It’s a hefty price tag. When it comes to improving the sound and performance of your automobile with this exhaust tip, you can’t go wrong.

9. COLT EXHAUST Powder Coated Bolt On Diesel Exhaust Tip

COLT EXHAUST Powder Coated Bolt On Diesel Exhaust Tip

For a huge exhaust tip for a diesel vehicle, this is a great option that will provide noticeable benefits. Powder Coated Bolt On Diesel Exhaust Tip is a beast of an exhaust tip that adds a monstrous appearance to your diesel vehicle quickly and easily.

Designed to accommodate exhaust systems with a diameter of about 4 inches, the exhaust tip is universally applicable. The exhaust tip is made of stainless steel and powder-coated for a matte black appearance and long-lasting effects.

Exhaust tips like these are always designed to maximize performance. Even at low RPMs, the change in sound is noticeable.

You’ll be blown away by the BOOM sound as you reach the upper rpm ranges. People are going to pay attention now, and they’re going to go on the road to hear that ferocious sound. Even with minimum effort, a monster exhaust tip will produce a loud, resonant growl.

10. Upower 2.5 Inch Inlet 3.5 Inch Outlet Dual Exhaust Tips

Upower 2.5 Inch Inlet 3.5 Inch Outlet Dual Exhaust Tips

The twin exhaust tips from Upower are the finest on the market at the moment. These exhaust tips are made of polished stainless steel with burned blue ends and are suitable for anybody who wants to significantly enhance the appearance of their vehicle. The angled cut-rolled edge and two-in-one tips ensure the deepest of sounds.

Although these twin tips need welding-on installation, their design and deep sound production make the effort worthwhile. Tailpipes made from stainless steel are rustproof, corrosion-resistant, and very long-lasting. A sports car’s sleek appearance makes the Upower twin exhaust tips an excellent fit for the exhaust tips.

11. EVIL ENERGY Exhaust Muffler, Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip

EVIL ENERGY Exhaust Muffler, Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip

For a long-lasting, low-cost exhaust tip that produces a rich, satisfying tone, go no further than EVIL ENERGY’s offering. Stainless steel with two thicknesses of walls reduces vibration and absorbs sound.

It is constructed of sound-absorbing cotton, which generates a deep sound, a bassy tone. Reduces back pressure, absorbs sound waves, and is long-lasting thanks to its continuous muffler construction.

Because of its charred appearance, the Evil Energy exhaust tip enhances the look of any car it is fitted on.

In addition, the exhaust tip may be installed in a variety of ways. Alternatively, you may weld or fasten it to the exhaust system. Welding, on the other hand, is the greatest choice.

Besides the inexpensive price, it has a distinctive design and fantastic appearance that increase the value of your car.

12. AMAAM Black Stainless Steel Powder Coated Rolled Angle Cut Universal Exhaust Tips

AMAAM Black Stainless Steel Powder Coated Rolled Angle Cut Universal Exhaust TipsĀ 

The end product for the best exhaust tips for deep sound is AMMAAM. Both the 12″ and 18″ versions of the rolled angle cut universal exhaust tip are available. They’re composed of high-quality stainless steel and powder-coated in black to prevent rust.

However, after 5000 miles of usage, the black powder coating starts to peel off. A rolled-angle cut design intensifies the sound of your car’s exhaust and enhances the overall look of your vehicle.

A 2.5″ input diameter and a 4″ output diameter are standard for AMAAM universal exhaust tips. Your vehicle’s exhaust pipes must be welded in order to use these products.

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound

If you are thinking of buying a new exhaust tip for your car, then you need to consider the following things before making your choice.


In order to get the greatest bargain, you’d focus on pricing first. After that, you may evaluate the prices offered by numerous vendors and choose the most appropriate one.

Volume of Sound

Getting an exhaust tip is a great way to change the sound level of your vehicle’s exhaust system. Either you want it to have a low tone, or you don’t. Another option is to reduce the amount of noise it makes. While some exhaust tips produce a more ferocious growl, others might produce a more subdued rumble. No one is capable of doing both. Consider the exhaust tip before making a decision. Make a thoughtful decision based on your own preferences.


Let’s say you purchase a deep-sounding exhaust tip, but you don’t like the color. It would be a waste of time and money.

As a result, you should take note of your own color choices. Once you’ve done that, you may check to see whether they’re available online.


Before making a purchase, make sure the tailpipes are compatible. Use an exhaust tip that’s easy to install on your car if possible. Your exhaust pipe diameter may need to be compatible with the diameter of exhaust tips you’re searching for in order for you to get the best fit. If this is the case, you will be unable to utilize your car’s exhaust tips.

Single Vs Dual Tip

It doesn’t matter whether you use a single or dual tip.

Single tips, on the other hand, tend to have a mouth that is big enough to capture the deeper sounds.

When it comes to noise cancellation, a dual-pipe tip has a narrower exit than that of a single-pipe one.

Customer Testimonials from the Past

This is what most savvy buyers would do. It’s a good idea to check the product’s validity before purchasing it.

On the website, product reviews may be seen by scrolling down. Checking them out can assist figure out which brand to opt for.


When selecting a tailpipe size, inlet diameter is simply one factor to take into account.

Additionally, keep in mind the diameter of the exhaust tip and the total length of the resonator while making your selection. The look of the resonator exhaust tip is greatly influenced by these two measures. This is mostly a matter of personal taste. Some folks like a resonator tip with a large, flamboyant design. Others like something a bit less overt.

Why Is an Exhaust Tip Necessary?

Make your bike stand out with an exhaust tip that is both affordable and easy to install.

In the same way that a new couch may change the mood in your living room, the best exhaust tips for deep sound can improve the aesthetic of your car’s tailpipe.

Why Is an Exhaust Tip Necessary

The sound of the exhaust will obviously be affected by the addition of an exhaust tip. You may require an exhaust tip if your car’s exhaust is a little too loud or high-pitched for you.

Sound waves are redirected by the tip in a predetermined direction, which brings out the low frequencies that most people like.

When it comes to diesel owners who are fed up with soot clinging to the truck’s rear or side, an aftermarket exhaust tip may be the answer. As a result, the soot from your truck’s exhaust may be dispersed more easily by the wind.


Do exhaust tips improve the sound?

Yes, if you choose wisely. In order to provide a more powerful sound or a deeper tone, exhaust tips are intended to enable air to pass past them. The same holds true when using an extendable exhaust tip for optimal impact.

What Caused My Black Exhaust Tip?

The exhaust tip of an internal combustion engine may get coated with carbon deposits from the combustion byproducts. Unburned gasoline is the source of the dark deposits. Unburned gasoline is emitted from the exhaust pipe of an automobile whose engine is running rich. Keeping the air/fuel combination as rich as possible helps keep the combustion chamber cool.

How do I make my exhaust sound deeper?

You need a high-quality sound-amplifying exhaust tip to deepen the sound of the exhaust. The exhaust sound is transformed into a more growly and forceful one with the help of these tips.

Muffler vs Exhaust Tip: What’s the Difference?

Mufflers and Exhaust tips may be distinguished. A muffler is part of an exhaust system if I say so.


Your car’s exhaust tip produces a rich, resonant roar when it is turned on. Exhaust tips aren’t just for show, really functional. It gives the car a wow factor and makes the ride sound fantastic. The information in this post should have helped you in finding the best exhaust tip for deep sound. If you’re looking for one good tip regarding exhaust tips, it’s this: before purchasing any exhaust tip, do your due diligence and know what you want from your car’s sound.

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